What is Pro Bono ?
” Pro Bono ” comes from the Latin phrase “Pro Bono Publico”, whose literal meaning is “For the public good”.
In Bardají & Honrado | Lawyers we are convinced that, as lawyers, we assume and we must make a commitment to work for the public interest, on a voluntary and unpaid way, with the aim of supporting social purpose entities, helping them to achieve their objectives effectively and consistently adding quality of life in the society in which we live.
That is why in our firm we dedicate a portion of our work time to pro bono work, doing this work with the same professional quality that we provide for the regular service.
Are you involved in a project of social relevance and need legal advice?

Are you an association or foundation that includes public interests and need  legal support? Would you like to create a foundation or undertake any task in this sense or you do not know how to begin its development?
Send us an e- mail to madrid@bardajihonrado.com, and we will put in touch with you if your request meets the requirements of the firm for pro bono advice.