Any operation, regardless of the size,he nature of business, or the legal person involved, has a fiscal impact that should be valued. Therefore, the tax department of Bardají & Honrado | Abogados works cohesively with all areas of the firm (corporate and commercial, entertainment, etc.) to take full advantage of each operation. Consequently, we offer in this area of practice, advice on the implementation of the ever-changing national laws, international treaties to avoid double taxation and, in general, advice related to investment companies and business development as well as legal advice on procedures for both businesses and individuals. We provide:

    • General tax advice
    • Tax Corporate restructuring and investment optimization, nationally and internationally
    • Advice and support to the company in solving problems on double taxation
    • Advice on tax inspection procedures
    • Tax representation and litigation
    • Analysis and optimization of the fiscal operations of the financial sector and real estate
    • Taxation of wages and other types of payments made ​​to employees and service providers
    • Monitoring and reporting to companies of changes in tax law that could affect activity