Bardají & Honrado | Abogados opted in 2006 for the specialization in the management and protection of intangible assets , incorporating professionals specialized in Intellectual Property, Industrial Property and New Technologies in different legal systems. Thus, and since then , from the Office we have offered comprehensive legal advice to companies and independent creators in the world of music , literature , film , art , Internet , multimedia, etc., also providing our services to cultural management companies, gallery owners and curators.

We also advise on the development of different projects within the creative industries, both multinationals already established in the market, as start- ups, offering the best solution and adapting to the needs and size of each client.

As part of our philosophy, in Bardají & Honrado | Abogados we consider important the provision of our services as an integration of counsel in the project for each client , developing a legal work as well as getting the best conditions in negotiations with third parties on intangible assets .

In Bardají & Honrado | Abogados each case or aspect to deal with is special and therefore there is a highly qualified staff for each of the areas we cover, knowing the best way and the best method of solution for each specific case in any of the tasks to develop.

Thus, in particular , our IP Department offers services in:

Audiovisual Law, Financing of audiovisual works and Protection against Piracy.

In our Department and with full knowledge of the film and television industry as well as the Entertainment, we advise not only in recruitment, but everything revolves around audiovisual funding ( public aid , grants, pre- pictures, etc. . ) and subsequent operation and the different distribution channels, both film and television productions.

Some examples are:

    • Option contracts and option exercise television formats.
    • Recruitment of artists for TV and film.
    • Agreements national and international film co-production.
    • Contracts of adapting literary works into films.
    • Deadlines , grants and subsidies for audiovisual production.
    • Advice on distribution channels.

Furthermore, within the Department offer research services and control of the audiovisual work to make it safe from Internet piracy through strong continuous monitoring of the work, performing different actions to prevent access to pirated copies of the work . So , this innovative service ( result of constant research in this area ) has allowed the level of availability of pirated copies of movies or television series decrease substantially, even getting in some cases that it is not available on the Internet for illegal.

In Bardají & Honrado | Abogados believe in Culture and the need to properly protect the works of our clients before unauthorized exploitation, so have technological tools to remove the works of our customers of certain Internet services . In this way , we promote and support effective dissemination of cultural and entertainment against piracy dangers for the future viability of the visual world.

Sports Law

The world of sport is exciting while complex because, as a social activity widely implemented internationally, its regulation is a conglomerate that covers all aspects that may be associated with sports , such as image , advertising, contract development , hiring , among other subjects .

Thus, in this area , we advise on :

    • Transfer of the image of the athlete.
    • Marketing and Advertising in Sport. Event Sponsorship Contracts Goods.
    • Constitution and Regulation of Clubs and Sports Federations.
    • Recruitment of Sports Clubs and / or athletes.
    • Tax Aspects of Sport.
    • Disciplinary rules. Doping .

Despite the social impact of Sports , we believe it is important that professionals are highly specialized thereof , which is why we aim to provide the best advice for actors involved in this sector can develop in the same foundations.

Rights to honor, privacy and image 

As fundamental rights , are deserving of high protection . Moreover, in the digital age in which we move, where instant communication is effective and easily accessible to all , the right to honor, to privacy and to the own image is seen, on several occasions, in real danger.

Therefore, regarding the respect for the right to honor, professionals Bardají & Honrado | Abogados have advised many times to open and notorious characters in the defense of his honor , to attack others , initiating proceedings for the return of this momentous right.

Similarly, in the era in which Intimacy is constantly threatened by the emergence of the Internet , our professionals have extensive knowledge of current technological tools that may involve an attack on the privacy of individuals . This knowledge allows us to offer appropriate advice , and use them to defend properly and innovative customer intimacy.

Finally, the image of people has taken a special dimension in recent years thanks to the easy accessibility of the Internet itself and , above all, in the interest of companies to exploit the same . So , we advise both corporations and individuals in the management and exploitation of their image rights , with special emphasis on newscasters , athletes, actors and celebrities in general.

In particular try , among other issues :

    • Procedures on identity impersonification in social networks ( Twitter , Facebook , Google+ , etc. ).
    • Contracts for transfer of image rights for exploitation.
    • Compliance with privacy policies in enterprises. (CCTV, data protection).
    • Procedures relating to cessation of activities that violate the honor of the person.

Law of Video Games and Software

The video game industry makes up a section of utmost importance in the world of Entertainment , not surprisingly this is already larger than the film and music together. Since its legal regulation is still scarce, office professionals have specialized acquiring all the knowledge required to provide advice in this area adequately and properly updated , thanks to our young, dynamic and passionate about the entertainment industry , the culture and entertainment.

Also, the exponential development of software for mobile phones, “smart” , has made this industry, along with the video game , which has been further increased because of their deployment in the mobile holder, also has increased.

Among the many services we provide in this area we can highlight:

    • Procurement and negotiation of software application development.
    • Advice and Drafting Software Licensing.
    • Ownership of moral rights and to exploit software and video games.
    • Problems of the assignment of the rights to exploit the game and exploitation in the digital realm.
    • Transfer of rights at work and assignment of rights of commissioned works.
    • Advice about free licenses.

Internet Law

At present, legal security and Internet presence is an aspect to protect , and this is true for companies and individuals. In an area where he operates an association which approximates the physical environment, there are many elements to take into account to make the Internet a safe environment on which to operate with confidence. These elements can sometimes involve intellectual property or data protection as well as consumer rights.

    • Enforcement of Services of the Information Society in web pages.
    • Audit of Intellectual Property Rights and Industrial sites.
    • Electronic Commerce.
    • Adaptation to the Organic Law on Data Protection.
    • Advice on consumption, both to avoid the initiation of records to process them.

Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Designs

In our department, may seek advice on what is the best way to protect your innovation a patent, trademark or design, too, and where appropriate, in connection with unfair competition.

    • Records before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.
    • Violations marks both physically and through social networks.
    • Protection and defense against acts of unfair competition.